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Made for small hotels and B&B's

RoomRaccoon organizes your reservations from all your channels and keeps track on your guest preferences. Say good bye to over-bookings, safe a lot of time, forget about Tipp-Ex and never make another invoice in Excel again.


Property Management | PMS

A fancy term in the hotel business, right? Let's make it more easy. A hotel PMS (Property Management System) is a system that helps to organize your bookings. But that's not all that a PMS can do for you. Easily check-in guests and allow RoomRaccoon to make the invoicing for you. Finally you have overview and great reports... Do you know right now your occupancy rate? 


Booking Engine

Direct bookings... These seem to be the new magic words in the hospitality business. And yes... a Booking Engine (or booking module for your own website) helps not only to save time. Guests prefer the convinence of a direct confirmation, and you prefer not to pay a commission. RoomRaccoon's Booking Engine is free of charge for you and your guests. 

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Channel Management

Manage your availability on all your connected booking channles such as, Expedia or AirBnB all from one central point. Last-minute discount? No problem at all with RoomRaccoon's hotel software.


All-in-one hotel software

RoomRaccoon is a all-in-one hotel software: PMS, Booking Engine and Channel Manager. No extra or hidden costst, service costst or commissions. When we say all-in-one, we mean it! 

RoomRaccoon is made for your small hotel or B&B

Questions? Give us a ring 085-0290141 or get started right away with your personalized free demo

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Horecava 2017

Innovation Award Won!

At the beginning of 2016, we thought... hey, we have developed a pretty good hotel management system! So we have signed up for the prestigious Dutch trade fare Horecava Innovation Award. After a nerve racking pitch in front of a well established jury, RoomRaccoon was nomonated as a finalist. 

And what happened then? We had to wait for a long time. On the Horecava 2017 trade fare, the nomination of the winners were made public and we were invited. After we were personally picked up at the entrance of the fare and escorted to the stage, we kind of had a feeling that this is getting serious. Wow... even though we were not overal winner in our category, the public voted for RoomRaccoon as the best hospitality innovation software! THX EVERYONE!

RoomRaccoon's PMS

is easy to use for everyone

PMS and so much more...


Drag & Drop Agenda

New booking? Check-in? Add-ons booked or is a VIP arriving? See it all right away in your agenda!



RoomRaccoon prepares invoices automatically. Guest ready to check-out? Then you only need to hit the print or e-mail button. 


Package Deals

Dit you come up with great package-deals? With RoomRaccoon you can add as many up-selling items as you like and assign the correct VAT-%. RoomRaccoon does the calculating.  



is your occupancy rate growing? How where your bookings come from and how much commission you pay.


City Tax

Percentage or fixed costs per night? RoomRaccoon does both and calculates the city tax automatically for you.


Marketing & Guest History

Keep track on the preferences of your guests. They will definetly appreachiate it when they come back.

About RoomRaccoon

After a frustrating seach for a suitable hotel managemenet system, we decided to take things into our own hands. This was the beginning of RoomRaccoon. Hotel software is too traditional and does not suit the needs of a small hotel or B&B. Felxibility? No, more like a tree with old roods and branches that grew into a complex tangle. 

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Hello Colleague

This is what our clients say

RoomRaccoon has been implemented a long time ago and, as one of the staff of the Bliss Boutique Hotel, I am working with daily with the system. My previous experience with hotel reservation systems has been complicated. With RoomRaccoon you do not need any combination letters or numbers, but it is really all easy to use. The fact that RoomRaccoon remembers special rates or preferences is more than ideal and is highly appreciated by the guest!

P.S. I am very happy that we got rid of our paper-reservation system :)

Stephanie Bliss Hotel

Villa BBB is working since October 2016 with RoomRaccoon. So far, it has been excellent!

The system is super flexible and we can adapt it entirely to our way of working. One of my favourite features is the link to send a confirmation or invoice, which saves us so much time. I also really like is the 'add-ons' that show right on the agenda: such as the arrival time, where guests will collect the key or package deals that have been booked. The system adapts to us, and not the other way around!

In short, we are very happy with RoomRaccoon!

Franny VillaBBB

Via Google we have found RoomRaccoon. We liked the professional look of it and asked for a demo. We were not at our place with our previous provider and for a similar price you get a lot more at RoomRaccoon. Of course, we not only looked at the price, but we are also very pleased with the professional and service-oriented approach. The system itself is very user-friendly, many times better than our excel sheets ;-) We hope to be successful for many years, thanks to the RoomRaccoon team

Kris Nieuw Uilenburg





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New booking or cancellation? RoomRaccoon keeps your availability on your channels always up to date. Never an overbooking again and you do not have to do anything!

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Last minute discount or an extra fee during the holidays? No problem with RoomRaccoon. Manage all your prices fron one cental system. Flexible and easy!

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RoomRaccoon takes it one step further... We check every night for the next 30 days your availability and compare it with your booking channels. Just to be really sure!

Research report reveals figures on bed and breakfasts

It's no secret, but something to be proud of: both business guests and leisure guests like to choose a small hotel or B&B. Why? As a guest you are not a (room)number. As a hotelier, you recognize many guests and you know individual preferences. This is one of these things that you simply can not compensate with a marketing budget.

"Popularity of small Hotels and B&Bs"

The international popularity of Bed and Breakfast is partly explained by the excellent value for money, according to Hanny Arens, founder of and "B&B's are cheaper than hotels but offer the same comfort. A clear trend is that more and more tourists choose a social way of traveling. They want to get to know local people and really get to know the area. A Bed and Breakfast offers the personal experience they seek. "

Janneke Scheepers, bed&


for your independent hotel or B&B

How many rooms do you have?

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RoomRaccoon is truely all in one. No complex pricing structure, let's keep it simple. No hidden costst, channel manager is included and we do not ask any commissions. 



More direct bookings? Connect RoomRaccoon’s Booking Engine to your own website and start saving a lot of commission! The Booking Engine is easy to use for your guests and is entirely commission free. Would you like to receive pre-payments for bookings in advance? No problem, offer your guests to pay with Credit Card, PayPal, iDeal and many other payment services.

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