Congratulations! You’ve started your own independent hotel or B&B, and you’re probably on cloud nine. We want to keep you there! Lots of hoteliers encounter challenges when they start their own hotel or B&B, but also when they have been running it for a while. Want to know more about the most well-known challenges every hotelier will encounter one day?


The start of every hotel of B&B...

Lots of hoteliers start a hotel or B&B from a passion within, a desire to create something beautiful in a breath-taking or crowded environment. But first things first: strip the walls, place a counter, install Excel and order a Notebook. Then, let’s get serious...


You might want to consider inviting your family and friends as a fresh set of eyes to spot out any irregularities. When everything is OK, it’s time to welcome your first ‘real’ guests (yay!). When they are satisfied and other guests keep coming, you might encounter your first challenge.


Ever heard of ‘overbookings’, ‘low occupancy rates’ or ‘invoicing mistakes’? Most hoteliers are familiar with these challenges. Here’s what they are and how to work around them. 


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Challenge #1 - Overbookings

Suddenly, a guest arrives in your hotel. You didn’t expect them, but they have a reservation mail of your hotel... Something went wrong in your reservation system, and this lead to a double booking. You, a bit embarrassed at this point, are trying to make up excuses (but, let’s be honest: no excuse is good enough). After apologizing sincerely, you search for a new accommodation for them. And if it’s not bad enough already, you have additional costs to take into account now: transporting your guest to another hotel, compensation for a room upgrade and commission fees to an external booking channel.


"Overbookings: the nightmare of every hotelier." 


Overbookings… you don’t want to have them, but you probably will encounter them at least once. They could be caused by a colleague that doesn’t write the reservation down in your (hand-written) notebook or because you forget to communicate a new reservation to your external booking channel, like Double bookings are bad for you as hotelier, but may be worse for your guests. After a long journey, your guest longs for a nice, warm made-up bed (not for a trip to another hotel).


Challenge #2 - Low occupancy rate

It’s Sunday, a day you normally don’t receive that many guests. During the week, you welcome business guests and leisure guests, but Sundays are a pain in the… Of course, you are disappointed because you did your best: all rooms are clean, beds are made-up and the soap is supplemented. Unfortunately, a low occupancy rate is a well-known issue for independent hotels and B&B’s.


"Low occupancy rates are like a bad dream." 


Low occupancy rates are often caused by seasonal changes, rising competition, and trends. You may already know this and respond to these challenges by altering the room price at the right moment. But did you also think about special arrangements, such as hotel-wellness packages that are only bookable on Sundays?


Challenge #3 - Invoicing mistakes

Imagine, your guest is disappointed about the punctuality of your breakfast service. You may want to meet him halfway and give him a special discount. Your guest is standing in front of you and you are behind the counter. You have to move quickly and print a new invoice. Because you had to work fast, you forgot to adjust the right VAT and tourist taxes… Lots of hoteliers make these mistakes and because of this you might pay too much on tax services.


"Every hotelier loses sleep over invoicing mistakes." 


We all make mistakes and mistakes happen quickly when calculating invoices manually. You have to take room prices, discounts, the use of extras, VAT and tourist taxes into account. Many hoteliers have a hard time preparing the invoices, and this is usually because they are busy doing all other things.


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