Hotel marketing. Maybe not something you’re interested in or even want to think about. But it is important for your hotel or B&B. And the fundamentals of hotel marketing are actually quite easy… Want to know more?


Hotel marketing is often associated with large hotel chains, billboards along the highways or manipulation strategies (and these do exist!). But, the fundamentals of hotel marketing are easy and it actually starts with someone you know. Or someone you should know…The fundamentals of hotel marketing start with your typical guest (and their Guest Journey).



Roadmap: How to start with Hotel Marketing

Your guests; that’s where it all starts. Based on the guest you typically welcome in your hotel, you can start with hotel marketing. Because Hotel Marketing actually stands for selling the right room on the right moment and the right place for the right price to the right guest.



Step 1. The right guest

Wat type of guests are visiting your hotel or B&B? Do you often welcome business guests from New York, parents with two kids or a couple who loves to city trip? Get insight in the type of guest your typically welcome and respond to them accordingly.


hotel marketing1 min


A business guest, who’s rather interested in the Wi-Fi-connection than the room rate, goes to a conference.







Step 2. The right room

Every hotel or B&B has different room types – a room with a sea view or a room with a shared bathroom. As hotelier, you should match the right room with the right guest.


hotel marketing2 min



A purely functional room that is centrally located, with an option to have breakfast, lunch or dinner.




Step 3. The right moment

Timing is everything… When does your guest start looking for an accommodation? Is this one week or maybe two weeks in advance? By having this information, you can alter the room price to boost your hotel's revenue.


hotel marketing3 min



In two weeks, a conference takes place near your hotel. Normally, people book two weeks in advance: time to adjust the room rate.



Step 4. The right place

Where your guests books a hotel room? Which websites does he or she uses? Potential guests have to find your rooms, so think about the place you want to market your hotel rooms. Normally, it’s best to have a good balance between OTA’s and your own Booking Engine.


hotel marketing4 min



When you have the business guest in mind, it’s better to distribute your room on instead of




Step 5. The right price

You’ve set up a guest profile and a room that fits that guest profile. You also know when the guest is booking and on what places he’s looking for a room. The only thing left to do: setting the right price. You can do this by integrating a hotel price strategy.


hotel marketing5 min



Two weeks before the conference starts, you set the price to €200 for the purely functional room, that you envisioned for your business guest.





Successful Hotel Marketing by use of a PMS

Hotel Marketing starts with your guest. Want to know more about them? Use a PMS. Or better yet, use RoomRaccoon’s PMS! You’ll see the country they originally come from and via which channel a reservation was made (telephone, OTA’s, or your own Booking Engine).


Logical reasoning is important… A purely functional room might not be the right fit for a couple looking for a romantic weekend.


Or maybe it is! ... You can check the results of your Hotel Marketing strategy in the report section of RoomRaccoon’s all-in-one software and make the decision to proceed or stop!


Benefit from a PMS

In two weeks, a conference takes place near your hotel. Normally, people book two weeks in advance: time to adjust the room rate.