Facebook is the platform to be active on. Not convinced yet? You should be! Facebook creates more visibility, brings engagement with guests, acquires reviews and it's the way to increase direct bookings. Want to know how it works? Let's go!


Facebook is one of the most influential platforms and a lot of your potential guests are active on this platform. Which means: you should be too! And if you do, you should definitely install the "Book now" button on your Facebook-page that directs you to your Booking Engine. RoomRaccoon offers a user-friendly Booking Engine to let your guests book a hotel room directly on your website. 


Benefit from a Booking Engine



How to use the "Book now" button on my Facebook-page?

Don't worry: it's easy! I'll get you through it step by step. To add the "Book now" button, you first need to have a business page of your own hotel or B&B. Make sure that this page is visibly attractive and that it has all the important content that guests are looking for, because this creates trust and helps convert a potential guest to an actual guest.


So, let's place that button on your Facebook-page. First, click on the blue button "Add a Button".



book now button


You should follow step 1. Here, you can choose different button options. Most hoteliers choose the "Book now" button as it is clear and it directs Facebook-visitors to the reservation page on your website. Don't have a reservation page on your hotel's website? 


 If you don't have a Booking Engine (like this reservation page),you should get one... Or you can choose the "Contact you" option to encourage people to contact you. 


book now button facebook4


In step 2, you choose where people are going to after clicking on the "Book now" button. Do you want them to go to your Booking Engine? Follow the steps below. 


book now button facebook5


Add the URL of your Booking Engine-page. 


book now button facebook6


Make sure to check it before putting it live. 


book now button2 min


Click the "Finish" button to place the button on your Facebook-page.  


book now button facebook8


The result.


book now button facebook9


Your Facebook visitors can now easily book a hotel room via the "Book now" button on your Facebook-page. Congratulations!


Want to know more about the advantages of RoomRaccoon's hotel software, get your free demo now or simply chat with us!


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What's the best hotel price strategy?

There is no one size fits all…

The type of guests that visit your hotel, the place where you're B&B is located and the time of year are all crucial factors that come into play when deciding which pricing strategy to implement.

So… what to do? Think logically and try different pricing strategies!

After a specific time period, you'll go to your Property Management System (PMS) and compare your occupancy rate, average room price and RevPAR of the period where you didn't make use of a pricing strategy. Did it work?

Good luck!