Do you use Facebook for your hotel or B&B? No? You should! Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and now, 14 years later, Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users. And… lots of those users are travellers that love to travel brag


With the presence of OTA's, it's important to create more visibility. One way of doing this, is by being active on this blue-pierced platform where likes and shares are the things that matter. No clue what I'm talking about? I'll take you through the roadmap to having a successful Facebook-page.


facebook for hotels 

Guidelines to Facebook

  •    -   Why Facebook for hotels?
  •    -   Some Statistics…
  •    -   Benefits of Facebook
  •    -   How to install Facebook? The basics
  •    -   Content on Facebook: what should I post
  •    -   Facebook messaging: get in contact with your fans
  •    -   Creating events near your hotel or B&B
  •    -   Receiving reviews via Facebook
  •    -   Facebook to increase direct bookings
  •    -   Facebook advertising
  •    -   Who are your Facebook fans?



Why Facebook for hotels? 

Facebook is the largest social media platform with a total of 2.2 billion monthly active users (as of the fourth quarter of 2017). Facebook is not only the platform to befriend people, but people use it also to gather information about businesses. More specifically, hotel businesses.


This means: you should have your own Facebook-page. Facebook is important for hotels because it can be your primary website as well. In some cases, the hotel’s Facebook-page even outperforms the hotel’s own website, and that’s why you should make sure that you know what to do and what not to do.


 facebook for hotels

Facebook in numbers...

Lots of research has been done on social media marketing in the hotel industry. Research on Facebook for hotels stated that:

  •   -   90% of the population uses Facebook’s feedback before they book a hotel room;
  •   -   Over half of the people get inspired to travel when confronted with travel photos;
  •   -   When a friend likes the hotel’s website, 80% is more likely to book a room;
  •   -   During research, over half of travellers liked pages relating to the trip they were planning;
  •   -   A hotel’s Facebook presence increased bookings by half.


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Benefits of Facebook

Using Facebook has a lot of advantages. Besides creating more visibility, it creates trustworthiness, especially when you receive reviews and ratings on that page. But there’s more!


Facebook for hotels lets you:

price strategy1 min    Create visibility


price strategy2    Receive reviews


price strategy3    Build relationships


price strategy4    Make personal contact


price strategy5    Attract and engage with guests


price strategy6    Increase direct bookings



How to install Facebook: the basics

  1. Go to and create your own business-page. Set the page category (i.e., hotel, B&B, resort, Inn, Lodge or motel). Fill in your name, address and phone number. Make sure that these 3 attributes are correct because Google will cross-reference this data to validate that your business is legitimate.

 Facebook page 0


  1. Use a professional profile picture with your name and/or logo because this creates brand identity. The cover photo should be of high-quality for that great first impression. Consider getting a picture taking professionally or if you want to take it yourself, make sure to take lightening and weather conditions into account.


Facebook page 2



  1. The URL of your Facebook-page should name your property’s name:


 Facebook page 4


  1. Describe your hotel in the “about” section: tell them a story about why you started your hotel or about the environment and the activities they shouldn’t miss when they’ll stay at your place. You might want to consider telling about your own little unique selling point here (e.g., everything is made of wood – even the cutlery). 
  1. Make sure to add the opening hours, so they’ll know when to visit. And of course, your telephone number!

Facebook page 5


Facebook will give you additional tips when you've made your page, so you can follow along with the recommendations they’ll give you.


Well… the basics are done. It’s time to post come content!



Content on Facebook: what to post? 

You can either post a picture, video, text, link, your emotion or put all of them together in one post.


Facebook posts shouldn’t be long; try to get few lines in and maybe a link, a hashtag and a good picture. Your most important goal of your Facebook-post is: gathering likes, shares and comments. A like is a person who likes the content you wrote by putting a thumbs up. A share means that someone shares the content on their own Facebook-page, which makes it more valuable as you get under the attention of their friends and acquaintances. A comment means that people leave a reply.


“Posts published on Thursday and Friday receive the highest engagement”


Here's how to post content:


Facebook post content



Best Facebook posts for hotels

Every audience is different, so you should keep your own fans in mind when posting. But… I won’t leave you hanging! Here you have some Facebook-post ideas:


  1. Offer fun facts and small tips. You can link to a page on your website, where you put a packing list that is suitable for the type of vacation guests mostly have at your place. Or re-post an extraordinary experience that one of your guest told you or put in a review.


  1. Little contests create engagements. What they should do? Let them tell a story about their most fun vacation activities or get them to make a picture with their favourite breakfast (both contests may bring you ideas!). Their incentive to join the contest? A stay in your hotel, a complimentary breakfast upon booking or a special experience, we know now that people want to experience.


  1. Promote your hotel. Encourage your potential guests that it’s always a good idea to visit your hotel because of “X” or by sending an offer (buy two nights and get the third for free) and send them to your Booking Engine web-page. But, please don’t be too commercial: keep the 20/80 rule in mind: 80% fun stuff & 20% promotion!


  1. Befriend them. Friends ask for favours, right? Ask them a small favour which is not directly related to your core business. It will make them feel worthy and it makes your Facebook-page more personal. This works the other way around as well. Be the helpful friend: acknowledge that there are problems your fans are having and try to offer the best solution.


  1. Let humour work for you. We all want to have a good laugh. When you’re funny, you'll get likes or shares and this increases the engagement with your Facebook-page. Also, it’s a fact that people romanticize the old days: bring them back to those days by placing a picture of something that reminds them of that time, e.g. a TV-show or a song.



facebook for hotels

Visuals: Picture it!

Make sure to use visuals. Text alone does not attract attention. Pictures can either be beautiful scenery pictures, a photo of you with one of your guests or the new summer dish you’re serving.


What’s even better: a video. Facebook gives videos more value than pictures. So, consider posting a video online. It may be a video of you explaining something about your property or a beautiful time-laps. Be creative!





Hashtags (#)

Make sure to use hashtags (#) In your posts. With these hashtags, you create more visibility. When people are searching for a hotel near the English island St Michael's Mount, they might search for the hashtag '#stmichaelsmount' and will find your hotel on that search query.



Links in posts

You can either link to a blog you like or a packing list you wrote. It’s best to shorten the links you post in your Facebook because it makes a post easier to read. You can do this easily by use of



facebook for hotels

Facebook messaging: get in contact with your fans

Use Facebook messaging to get in contact with your fans and potential guest. Whenever they have a question, you can respond to them by answering the chat. Auto-replies are also an option for Facebook messenger, but for hoteliers it’s best to respond personally.  



Creating events near your hotel or B&B

For hotels it’s important to be present at specific events because event visitors may want to sleep close to the event. You can either create an event yourself or join up with another entrepreneur. Let your guests put their body to work with sportive events or put their mind at ease with wellness options. Promote the event and get people excited to go there. Of course, (hash)tag that event as well, so you get more awareness amongst the festival visitors.



Receiving reviews via Facebook

New visitors will be looking for reviews, either positive or negative ones. So, when someone posts a review or other content, make sure that you respond. Either by thanking them for a positive review or by responding respectfully on their negative feedback. And… of course, put that feedback into work, so you won’t receive other reviews on those issues again.


“Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful tool to promote your hotel.”



facebook for hotels6 

Facebook to increase direct bookings 

But… how to stimulate direct bookings? It’s easy. Facebook gives you the option to place a “Book now” button on your Facebook-page. People don’t even need to go to your website anymore to make a reservation. With the button, you can send them directly to your own Booking Engine-page. The button will be visible on your desktop, but also on your mobile, the Facebook app or Facebook add.


Facebook also offers a “Contact me” button as well. You may want to use it if you don’t have your own Booking Engine page (although commission-free bookings are more easily acquired via a Booking Engine)).  


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Facebook advertising

Finally, Facebook is the platform to advertise. You are able target specific groups on the basis of their interests. With this, you’re able to target potential guests and turn them into real guests.


How to advertise on Facebook? The most important things are: targeting the right persons and placing an engaging ad.


Here's an example:


Facebook advertising1



Who are your Facebook fans?

You may already know who your guests in your hotel are: you see them every day. With Facebook, you’ll get an overview of the people who like your page and those people might be very valuable for your hotel or B&B, as they like or follow you.


Of course, you can also see them by use of your Property Management Software, which provides important guest’ details as well.


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What's the best hotel price strategy?

There is no one size fits all…

The type of guests that visit your hotel, the place where you're B&B is located and the time of year are all crucial factors that come into play when deciding which pricing strategy to implement.

So… what to do? Think logically and try different pricing strategies!

After a specific time period, you'll go to your Property Management System (PMS) and compare your occupancy rate, average room price and RevPAR of the period where you didn't make use of a pricing strategy. Did it work?

Good luck!