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twinfield certificate

Take care of the administration of your hotel

RoomRaccoon offers a fully-automatic link for all accounting software packages. Because we can imagine that neither the hotel nor its accountant wants to enter all bookings themselves. We are also linked to the online accounting program Twinfield. Twinfield takes care of the administration and accounting for hotels and B & Bs.

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Kassasysteem Hotel Restaurant

Horeca till connection with your PMS

UnTill is now linked to RoomRaccoon. The cash register solution tailored to every situation. Impressive functions, proven quality and striking references. Connect your cafe, restaurant or bar to your hotel. Book bills directly in room. This saves a considerable amount of time and prevents mistakes in the administration.

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logo mr winston

Till connection with Mr.Winston

RoomRaccoon is linked to the innovative cash register system. Winston. Thanks to this checkout it is possible to easily book your restaurant's bills in room. So you do not have to walk back and forth between the counter and the cash register to enter this separately and then to link it. Both systems are connected to each other.

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Logo Exact Online

Accounting Connection with Exact Online

RoomRaccoon is linked to the popular accounting software Exact Online. Thanks to this link it is possible to link Exact Online to your RoomRaccoon account and gain unprecedented insight into both finances and relationship management. Everything is integrated and automated.

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Logo Snelstart

Accounting Connection with Snelstart

Snelstart makes accounting easy. RoomRaccoon is linked with Snelstart to make your life as a hotelier easier by automating your accounting. Through this link you never have to puzzle with invoices and again.

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Logo RoomServe

Connection with RoomServe

Roomserve provides mobile access and hospitality solutions for your guests. Seamless, reliable and now coupled with RoomRaccoon to increase the turnover of your hotel, apartment or B & B and provide the best experiences.

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Logo Iamreservations

Connection with Iamreservations

I am reservations wants to connect you with the best rated locations. We understand that everyone has different needs and that is why we have an extensive range of luxury large hotels to a picturesque bed and breakfast. Soon, every destination is within reach.

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Logo Quickbooks

Accounting Connection with QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online lets you see immediately how your hotel, apartment or B & B financially stands for. By linking RoomRaccoon and QuickBooks you can quickly and conveniently manage all your invoices, invoices, quotations and purchase orders. QuickBooks is a handy tool for online accounting without having to have specific knowledge about accounting.

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Orbital Systems smart shower

Orbital Systems offers the first digital shower, that lets hotels save water and energy whilst tracking and sharing savings with guests. Our showers use a unique technology that continously recirculates purified water in a closed loop. Turning a few litres into all the water your guests need.

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