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bed breakfast software

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bed breakfast software

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I'm really happy with the B&B Management software because I have more time on my hands. Having a B&B is a side-job for me, but I almost couldn't do it anymore. Or.. not the way I'd like to do it anyway. With the B&B software, I have more spare time and in that time I like to create the best experience for my guests.

How many rooms do you have?

Bed & Breakfast Software

All-in-one B&B solution

B&B | Property Management System

So much to do in so little time? A PMS helps you get organised and efficient as the management software manages your bookings, remembers your guests' details, automates your invoices and gives insight in your B&B's occupancy rate. 




B&B | Booking Engine

Want more commission-free direct bookings? Start having a Booking Engine for your bed & breakfast. It replaces the former contact form on your website and creates oppurtunities to sell extra's and to enhance the guest experience. 





B&B | Channel Manager

No more overbookings... A Channel Manager manages all your booking channels, such as, and your own Booking Engine. It communicates the room availabiliy of your B&B, but also price changes. 

B&B Software

The all-in-one solution for your bed & breakfast. RoomRaccoon's PMS, Channel Manager & Booking Engine are centralised in one system in the cloud. With this, you're able to work from every device, at every time and from every location. 


RoomRaccoon's Bed & Breakfast Software

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Property Management System

Browsing through your hand-written agenda to check the room availability for a specific date? B.T.W. mistakes in your cluttered Excel-spreadsheets? No more with B&B management software. It helps you manage everything 'in-house' – from calculating invoices to sending pre-arrival e-mails to your guests and remembering guest' details. It also gives insight in your bed & breakfast's RevPAR and occupancy rate. In short, it lets you be organised and efficient. You already have enough to do, right?

Get more done in less time

bed breakfast software

bed and breakfast software

Channel Manager 

RoomRaccoon's Channel Manager manages all booking channels of your B&B, such as, and your own Booking Engine. With this, you don’t have to update your availability manually anymore. This saves you a lot of time and it prevents overbookings from happening. Having a Channel Manger creates oppurtunities to make more profit as well – you’re able to connect your B&B to more booking channels and alter room rates wisely.

Overbookings? Never again!

Booking Engine

A Booking Engine replaces the contact form on your B&B's website and it lets guests book a room on your B&B directly. Over those bookings you pay 0% commission! The Booking Engine is simple to use, shows your room availability instantly and increases direct bookings. RoomRaccoon’s users have on average 27% more direct bookings because of their Booking Engine. And it's also a way to generate more revenue because you're able offer special packages or Add-ons, such as late check-out or a bottle of wine.

Cut down on commission costs

bed and breakfast software

RoomRaccoon's Bed & Breakfast Software

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