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A Channel Manager for AirBnB

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Channel Manager AirBnB

Are you in possession of a holiday home, apartment or do you have a cozy bed and breakfast in a nice location? Then it is certainly interesting that visitors can book a room via an external booking channel (OTA) such as AirBnB. One of the most efficient ways to make the room availability transparent in AirBnB is with a Channel Manager. Everything runs automatically with this software. For example, if you want to make an adjustment regarding the room rates, the prices are directly transferred to the Channel Manager on AirBnB. But thanks to the Channel Manager, the chance of an overbooking is also minimized.

Save a lot of time quickly

By working automatically with a Channel Manager, you can save a lot of time. But besides that you can also increase the occupancy rate of your bed & breakfast. You can do that simply by offering the desired rooms on multiple OTA websites (external booking channels). Suppose the room offer is only on AirBnB, you can increase the range by adding Expedia or via the Channel Manager. It is also possible to adjust prices in no time, that can easily be done through the property management system. The prices are then implemented via the Channel Manager.

What is AirBnB exactly?

AirBnb is an internet platform and is intended for the reservation and rental of accommodations. The company / platform was founded in 2008 and according to them more than 15 million overnight stays were booked in the same year. AirBnB makes it possible for private landlords to easily rent out their holiday home or apartment. Create an account with AirBnB, add the relevant accommodation with good descriptions and beautiful pictures, then your accommodation can be booked anywhere. Many people prefer AirBnB to avoid mass tourism and discover unique locations.

More than just a Channel Manager

If you want to use a Channel Manager for AirBnB, you can immediately benefit from the other features of RoomRaccoon. How about a user-friendly property management system that allows you to save a lot of time? Or would you prefer to generate more direct bookings through our booking engine? The hotel software from RoomRaccoon is made by and for hoteliers (and bed and breakfast owners, of course). This means that the software is very user-friendly and contains many useful functions that allow you to work as efficiently as possible. This way you as a hotelier can focus on making your guests' stay more pleasant.

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Hello Colleague

This is what our clients say

RoomRaccoon is incredibly easy to use. Also the fact that it is cloud based is superb and the employees that handle al the channel management uploading make it a dream to use, your customer service is excellent and I could not recommend RoomRaccoon highly enough.

Gordon Redgrave Scott Chelford B&B

Dear Fern, Gertjan and Nadja,

We would like to thank you all so much for the help and support you have given us in setting up our RoomRaccoon account. We were a little nervous starting our first direct booking site but need not have concerned ourselves in the least. The support we have received from everyone we have dealt with at RoomRacoon has been outstanding, from our very first conversation to going live on our website. We have been supported every step of the way during the process and there has always been someone at the other end of the phone to reassure and guide us. The patience you have all shown has been outstanding and we are so grateful for the time you have spent to ensure we were comfortable with the end product.

All three of you are an absolute credit to your company and have made the process so easy - we have to question why we didn't sign up with RoomRaccoon long before! We are confident our direct bookings will increase with this straight-forward system and you can rest assured, we shall spread the good word about RoomRaccoon.

Mark and Leigh Nevill 10to12 Folkestone

Via Google we have found RoomRaccoon. We liked the professional look of it and asked for a demo. We were not at our place with our previous provider and for a similar price you get a lot more at RoomRaccoon. Of course, we not only looked at the price, but we are also very pleased with the professional and service-oriented approach. The system itself is very user-friendly, many times better than our excel sheets ;-) We hope to be successful for many years, thanks to the RoomRaccoon team

Kris Nieuw Uilenburg