100% Free

online reservation system for your Hotel or B&B.

Create and setup your account with 5 rooms, divided over 2 room types, including guest management, housekeeping, and group reservations. Control your reservations with our easy drag & drop agenda.

- Automate your invoices and reports
- No more struggles with Excel

Besides our free PMS, we can also connect your hotel with our Channel Manager and Booking Engine.


Automate time consuming actions

so that you have more time for what is important; your guests!

Forever Free

  • gratis
  • max. 2 room types
  • max. 5 rooms
  • Drag & Drop Agenda
  • Reservations & cancellations
  • Guest Management
  • Group reservations
  • Easy Check-in & out
  • Invoices
  • House Keeping
  • Confirmation mails
  • Add-Ons
  • Corporate Rates

Forget your handwritten reports and agenda! 

User friendly PMS. With one push of a button you change reservations, automate your invoices and calculate your city tax or VAT. Our free reservation system has made by and for hoteliers. We will do most of the work, so you have more time for your guests in your hotel or B&B.

Do you spend too much time on your invoices?

Are you always spending too much time on your invoices, calculating City Tax and VAT? Our free reservation system for your hotel or B&B will automaticly do the math for you. Cut the manual booking handling time to zero and safe yourself the time and effort. Let us do that for you! 

Have you ever forgotten your guests wishes?

Forgot to buy a bottle of champagne, flowers or other wishes? Trust me, it has happened to everyone. From now on you can, register the personal wishes of your customers. Thanks to clear overview, you will never forget one wish!


Create your free account within 10 seconds!


Online check-in of guests

Plan your day better by knowing exactly when your guests will check-in or check-out in your hotel or B&B,.  


No soft-/hardware fees

RoomRaccoon is a Cloud based hotel management system. That means you have no expensive cost of hardware. We also supply you with free updates and hosting for your system. 

Create Personal Coupons

Make your hotel or B&B even more attractive with personal coupons for instance, you could give regular customers a 10% discount during christmas.

Manage group reservations

With our free reservation system for hotels and B&B's, it is very easy to manage group reservations. Simply add and select rooms and names.