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Booking software for small hotels and B&B’s

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Hotel booking software

Are you looking for booking software for your small hotel or B&B? Then the hotel software from RoomRaccoon might be the solution for your accommodation. Our hotel software includes a Property Management System in which you can manage all your hotel bookings. But our hotel software also includes a booking module that allows you to generate more direct bookings. It depends on what kind of hotel booking software you are looking for. Do you want to try the RoomRaccoon booking software for free? Then create an account and experience the benefits of our hotel booking software.

Property Management System

To process the reservations of your small hotel or B&B quickly and efficiently, a Property Management System is of crucial importance. With this reservation system you can save a lot of time because a number of things are automated. For example, an e-mail is automatically sent when a booking is placed and invoices are automatically created. The booking software from RoomRaccoon is safe, works in the cloud and is ideal for small hotels. You can now use your time for other and more important things, such as making your guests' stay more pleasant.

Online booking module

What is a online booking module and what can you do exactly with it? In principle it is very simple, with a booking module you can create a possibility that visitors can easily book a room on your own website. No more intermediate parties such as or Expedia, just more direct bookings, via your hotel’s website on which you do not pay any commission. On average, 27% more direct bookings are generated through the hotel booking software of RoomRaccoon. Our hotel booking engine is definitely worth using on the website of your hotel or B&B.

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The booking software from RoomRaccoon has many advantages. Besides the fact that you can generate more direct bookings, invoicing is also automated and that will save you a lot of time. But that is not all, with the hotel booking software from RoomRaccoon you can also use the user friendly hotel Channel Manager. This allows you to easily and quickly offer your hotel rooms on external booking channels to increase the occupancy rate. Would you like this too? Quickly create a free account to try out RoomRaccoon booking software!

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Hello Colleague

This is what our clients say

RoomRaccoon has been implemented a long time ago and, as one of the staff of the Bliss Boutique Hotel, I am working with daily with the system. My previous experience with hotel reservation systems has been complicated. With RoomRaccoon you do not need any combination letters or numbers, but it is really all easy to use. The fact that RoomRaccoon remembers special rates or preferences is more than ideal and is highly appreciated by the guest!

P.S. I am very happy that we got rid of our paper-reservation system :)

Stephanie Bliss Hotel

Villa BBB is working since October 2016 with RoomRaccoon. So far, it has been excellent!

The system is super flexible and we can adapt it entirely to our way of working. One of my favourite features is the link to send a confirmation or invoice, which saves us so much time. I also really like is the 'add-ons' that show right on the agenda: such as the arrival time, where guests will collect the key or package deals that have been booked. The system adapts to us, and not the other way around!

In short, we are very happy with RoomRaccoon!

Franny VillaBBB

Via Google we have found RoomRaccoon. We liked the professional look of it and asked for a demo. We were not at our place with our previous provider and for a similar price you get a lot more at RoomRaccoon. Of course, we not only looked at the price, but we are also very pleased with the professional and service-oriented approach. The system itself is very user-friendly, many times better than our excel sheets ;-) We hope to be successful for many years, thanks to the RoomRaccoon team

Kris Nieuw Uilenburg