Hotel Reservation Software

Overlooked a reservation in your hand-written agenda? Spend a lot of time overtyping invoices in Excel? No more with hotel reservation software! Save yourself more time and spend the time on what really matters - your guests.

Hotel reservation software places all reservations that come in via different booking channels in your digital agenda. Your agenda instantly shows you who's already checked in, how long someone stays and who already paid. Details, such as a pre-ordered bottle champagne or pre-noted gluten allergy are visible as well. So, you can offer the best guest experience possible. But there's more!



Web based hotel reservation software lets you

  • ✓ View reservations in one overview
  • ✓ Remember guests' preferences
  • ✓ Prepare invoices automatically
  • ✓ Find opportunities in reports
  • ✓ Save yourself more time
  • ✓ Increase your revenue


Prepare invoices automatically

hotel reserveringssoftware

RoomRaccoon's hotel booking software is simple to use so that you and your colleagues are able to enjoy it immediately. No training needed. Neither are software or hardware. RoomRaccoon works in the cloud, which means that the software is available from every location, at any time and from any device.

RoomRaccoon is created by experienced hoteliers. With this, the hotelier's need is at the base of every decision and development. RoomRaccoon's development does not stand will. We look for new opportunities and possibilities everyday - without losing the user-friendliness of the software.

Hotel Reservation software

Functionalities and benefits

Having clear overview

All reservations are placed directly and automatically in your digital agenda. In your digital agenda you're able to assign your guests to a certain room type (or when you're mistaken, you can drag them to another room). The agenda provides a clear overview of who checked in and who checked out, who paid and who didn't. Cancellations are not a problem: these are removed from the agenda but are still available in the system.

Manage your reservations easily.

Maximize revenue

Selling your hotel room is your core business, but you have your side businesses as well. Are you offering your guests Add-ons, such as a bottle of wine or an extra bed? Selling Add-ons is a way to increase your hotel or B&B's revenue. With special package you take it to the next level. Special packages may include romantic getaways, a chocolate experience or they may be focused on the season.

Smart usage of Add-ons.

Automated invoices

Modified room rates, different B.T.W. percentages of Add-ons… did you actually include the Add-ons in your invoice? RoomRaccoon's online hotel booking software calculates the invoices automatically. You can give or send the invoice directly to your guests. The time-consuming task of overtyping booking data is no longer necessary with the booking software. So are the errors that may occur during this process.

Save yourself more time.

Save more time

How much time do you spend on your administration? How long does it take you to do the night-audit or send a pre-arrival email? It will probably take you a lot of time. And your time is valuable. With hotel booking software, you're able to save a lot of time because your administration tasks - such as preparing invoices in Excel, checking guests in or calculating BTW-percentages - are taking care of. You already have enough to do, right?

Sit back and relax.

Personalised emails

Want to address your guests personally and automatically via email? You may already send a confirmation email when someone places a reservation, but sending a cancellation email or pre-arrival are useful too. They give you the opportunity to give service and enhance the guest experience. For instance, by giving them information about parking options, sightseeing or breakfast options. All emails sent by RoomRaccoon will be personalised.

Automatized and personal.

Remember guests

With RoomRaccoon's hotel booking software, you're able to enhance the guest experience. Not only the guests' preferences will be remembered when they return to your hotel, the software shows these preferences in your agenda as well. With this, you know upon arrival that mister Brighton has a gluten allergy and his wife prefers a soft pillow. Did you offer a discount to a returning guest? Derived prices will be connected to the right guests automatically.

Connect prices to guests.

RoomRaccoon's hotel reservation software

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Insight in success

The information you need is shown in a clear overview. RoomRaccoon's report shows your occupancy rate (number of occupied rooms / total number of available rooms) and RevPAR (total room revenue / available rooms), because these are important success indicators of your hotel or B&B. The report also shows which booking channels, countries and Add-ons are most profitable..

Insight in your RevPAR.

Payment methods

RoomRaccoon registers all payments, also when guests pay via an external booking channel. Prepayments are not a problem, even when it's a deposit. The bill can be split, which is particularly useful when a guest wants to pay drinks from the minibar separately. Group reservations? Not a problem, at all. RoomRaccoon's booking software shows immediately who paid and who didn't.

Various payment options.

In the cloud

RoomRaccoon is a web-based hotel reservation software. This means that it kind of works like a website. The software can be used from any location, from any device and at any time. No expensive hardware or software investments, but always new interesting functionalities. RoomRaccoon is always looking for improvements that are useful for every hotelier.

Always and everywhere available.

RoomRaccoon Reviews

What our customers say

I'm so happy with RoomRaccoon's hotel room reservation software. I have more time to spend with my guests. I give them information with the pre-arrival emails about the beautiful environment my B&B is situated in. I'm especially happy with the functionality of preparing invoices automatically. I actually made quite some mistakes in the calculations in Excel. The agenda is also nice. Finally, a clear overview!


hotel reserveringssoftware