Save transaction costs

on credit card charges

Do you know how much you spend on

Credit card charges? Probably not!

Do you know how much you pay for your creditcard transactions?

When you first start your hotel, you need to arrange a lot! Choosing what and how many payment methodes you need for your guests is one of them. Do you know if and when you pay too much money over transactional costs of the credit cards?

Because those "hidden" costs are written off in one batch, you probably have no idea how much those costs are and how much you can save. Well, it is more than you know! Trust us.


Save thousands of Euro's

of transaction costs on credit card charges

How much money can my hotel save with these transaction costs?

Well, this depends on the bank you use that handles your credit card transactions. But a simple calculation tells us that when you have a hotel with 20 rooms, each €150,- a night, with an occupancy rate of 75%, and 50% of your transactions are handled via a credit card, you pay a total of €1050,- a month when you use the ING as bank. If you use our online credit card terminal you pay almost half. If you let us handle your credit card transactions you only pay €580,- a month. That saves you €470,- a month!


RoomRaccoon's Online Credit Card Terminal has

advantages both for guests and hoteliers

Safe money on transactional costs

When guests pay with their credit card, you have to pay an additional charge as hotelier when you do business with your bank. In our system, you can make use of our credit card terminal, an additional service that helps you reduce the transactional costs significantly.

Care for your guest’s privacy

The reception of your hotel or B&B is not able to see credit card information. Hence, the privacy of your guests is guaranteed. No file with credit card copies anymore. Avoid fraud and work safely with our credit card terminal.

Efficiency is intelligent laziness

It has never been so easy to process credit card charges with RoomRaccoon’s software. No additional information is required. This saves a lot of time, time that you rather spend on more important matters, like your guest.

Reduce cancellations

A guest doesn’t show up… you’re disappointed. You could have sold this room to someone else. You can reduce ‘No-Shows’ by use of an authority-check. With the help of the credit card terminal, you are able to check if the credit card is valid or not.

Know what you are paying over your guest' credit card payment

You had to arrange a lot of things when you opened your hotel, and credit card transactions was probably not the first thing you thought about. No problem. We like to think for you.

Lots of hoteliers are not aware of the transaction costs for credit card payments. This is often due to the fact that they are monthly deducted in a batch. We dove in this monthly batches and saw that all hoteliers can save a lot of money with a credit card terminal.

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How (not) to deal with credit card payments?

Lots of hotelier’s scan credit card and save the print in one of their folders. Kind of surprising, because your guests’ credit card data is highly sensitive information, which should be cared for with caution. Hiding credit card information in a folder beneath your reception is not the right place, in our opinion, as it is the first-place people with bad intentions will look. 

Why a credit card terminal is perfect for independent hotels and B&Bs?

A lot of business guests use the credit card of the company. By use of RoomRaccoon’s credit card terminal, your hotel or B&B would be much more attractive for those guests.

The solution for ‘No-Shows’ with RoomRaccoon

A guest booked a room in your hotel or B&B, but he or she doesn’t show up. A bummer… because you kept the room closed without receiving any money over it. Every hotelier hates no-shows. With RoomRaccoon’s credit card terminal you can prevent this with a pre-authorization check.

RoomRaccoon is made for your independent hotel or B&B

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