Empower guests at a click of a button with hotel applications

Hotel applications can help with many tasks, from website chatbots that answer guest queries to mobile check-in apps that automatically upsell your inventory to guests. 

Fill the gaps in your hotel operations​

Have you heard the phrase: there’s an app for that?

Hotels are stepping up their game with convenient hotel mobile applications and property management system (PMS) plug-ins that effectively fill the gaps in your customer service needs.

Increase guest satisfaction ​

Hotel applications and PMS plug-ins deliver a better guest experience, from reputation management to in-room technology.

According to a survey by Travel Daily News Statista, 30% of travelers enjoyed the extra functionality mobile hotel applications provided during their previous stay.

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RoomRaccoon quickly integrates with a range of exciting third-party hotel applications.

Communicate with guests on the move with hotel mobile applications

66% of travelers say they consider their smartphone the essential travel item. 

Providing information via a hotel mobile application is an excellent way to ensure your guests receive the information they need on mobile, where they prefer to be reached!

Adopt contactless services

Plug-and-play apps allow you to adopt contactless hotel processes without investing in new infrastructure. You can quickly prioritize staff efficiency and promote customer safety during volatile periods by making use of hotel applications. 

FAQs: Hotel Applications

A chatbot is a software application that can handle online inquiries faster and more efficiently, allowing hotel staff to focus on creating personal relationships with guests. It also integrates with your booking engine. What’s more, chatbots can identify unique cross-selling and upselling opportunities. A chatbot can increase direct bookings by 30%. 

Apps make life simpler for you while running your property. They allow you to customize the technology you’re using to suit your needs, solve real problems easily, improve your reputation, save time and costs and manage data more effectively. 

From electric doorbells to rotating beds, there is some impressive in-room technology to choose from, but it goes without saying that they are not possible for every type of property. Yet, even small and independent hotels can leverage hotel room technology that the tech-savvy guest is looking for today: 

  • Alexa for Hospitality – Alexa has already made her way into thousands of homes, and now the popular voice-controlled system is available for hotel rooms too. Guests can switch on the TV and lights and control the room temperature with a simple command. The smart device can also book excursions and appointments for guests and display information about the facilities and services available at the property.
  • Digital Room Keys – Efficiency is essential for today’s travelers, and they wouldn’t want to be slowed down by a lengthy front desk registration process. Digital room keys are popular in-room technology that allows guests to head straight to their rooms upon arrival. This is done through self-expiring door codes or bar codes that guests receive during online check-in. 
  • Text Messaging Services – Automated text messages that provide updates during the entire hotel guest experience journey are becoming more popular in the hotel industry, and Millenials, in particular, prefer this convenience. Hotels can send guests texts about events or promotions throughout their stay, and guests can even check-in through this service.