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Made for guesthouses and B&B's

RoomRaccoon organises the reservations from all your booking channels and keeps track of your guests’ preferences. Say goodbye to overbookings, save a lot of time, forget about Tipp-Ex and never make another invoice in Excel again. ✓ Did you know that we create hotel websites as well? This way we are sure to offer you an all-in-one solution for your hotel, apartment or B&B.


Property Management | PMS

A fancy term in the hotel business, right? Let's make it easier. A hotel PMS (Property Management System) is a system that helps to organise your bookings. But that's not all! You can easily check-in guests, generate clear reports, and allow RoomRaccoon to make the invoicing for you.


Booking Engine

Direct bookings… Yes... It seems to be the new magic word in the hospitality business. Contact forms are widely used on hotel websites, but Booking Engines (or booking modules for your own website) are going to be the standard. Not that suprising, because a Booking Engine increases your direct bookings up to 27% on average, and you do not have to pay a commission fee on these bookings.



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Channel Management

Manage your availability on all your connected booking channels, such as, or, from one central point. Last-minute discount? No problem with RoomRaccoon's cloud hotel software.


All-in-one hotel software

RoomRaccoon is an all-in-one hotel software: PMS, Booking Engine and Channel Manager. No hidden costs, no service costs and no commissions. When we say all-in-one, we mean it! 

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RoomRaccoon's PMS

is easy to use for everyone

PMS and so much more...


Drag & Drop Agenda

New booking? Check-in? Add-ons booked or is a VIP arriving? See it all right away in your agenda!



RoomRaccoon prepares invoices automatically. Guest ready to check-out? You only need to hit the print or email button. 


Package Deals

Did you come up with great package-deals? You can add as many upselling items as you like and assign the correct VAT-%. RoomRaccoon does the calculating.  



Is your occupancy rate growing? Where do your bookings come from? How much commission do you pay?


Coupon Codes

Would you like to provide your returning guest with a discount code. Great for creating a loyal customer base.


Marketing & Guest History

Keep track of the preferences of your guests. They will appreciate it when they come back.

About RoomRaccoon

After searching for months and months for a suitable hotel management system, we got so frustrated and came up with our own all-in-one system, including PMS, Channel Manager and a Booking Engine. We called it RoomRaccoon,


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Hello Colleague

This is what our clients say

“It’s like having an extra pair of hands”

Forget all the fancy files and documents, cause the RoomRaccoon software does it all for you. I’ve been using this channel manager for a month now and the helpful features really feels like a personal assistant…from automatic replies to processing invoices, RoomRaccoon assists in such a way to allow me to focus on different areas of the business that requires my attention. It must be noted that the almost 24/7 support in Afrikaans and English really makes this a must move for anyone looking to get more out of every day.

Du Toit Schreve Fijndraai Villas

My experience is from the start very positive overall. The support specifically is really great. It makes the daily admin so much easier and there is no chance that you would forget about a booking. I am not sure that there is anything that bothers me at the moment. If I am unsure of anything I always ask and get immediate response.

Arina Gous-Kemp 800@Merton

La Providence Farm in Franschhoek, was the first hotelier to take on RoomRaccoon in South Africa. We have looked for an “all-in-one” solution for our Guest Farm B&B, but could not find our needs. This is why we started to develop our own Booking System. With growing business, we needed to upgrade our system.

We were not really happy what was to offered in the South African market so we looked more globally and we came across RoomRaccoon. They are a young, innovative and exciting team which attracted us to started working with them. RoomRaccoon provides a booking engine, channel & property manager all in one. We began to generate a lot more direct bookings, my admin workload decreased and became easier. I have saved so much time since we started using RoomRaccoon.

We also integrated their South African payment system from PayGate, which makes life so much easier, because I can send 3D secure payment links, receive payments or just deduct the deposit I still need to receive from our guests with one click. The integrated payment system is very reasonable priced and very professional.

That said, it was a bit of stressful time to change over from system to system, but I was guided through during the whole process and could reach out for help at any time.

Ellen Rose La Providence Guest Farm





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New booking or cancellation? RoomRaccoon always keeps your availability on different channels up to date. Never worry about an overbooking again!

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Last minute discount or an extra fee during the holidays? Not a problem with RoomRaccoon. Manage all of your prices from one central system. Flexible and easy!

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RoomRaccoon takes it one step further... We check your availability every night for the next 30 days and compare it with your booking channels. Just to be really sure!


for your independent hotel or B&B

How many rooms do you have?

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RoomRaccoon is truely an all in one. No complex pricing structure, let's keep it simple. No hidden costs, a channel manager is included and we do not charge any commissions. 




More direct bookings? Connect RoomRaccoon’s Booking Engine to your own website and start saving a lot of commission! The Booking Engine is easy to use for your guests and is entirely commission free. Would you like to receive deposits for bookings in advance? No problem, RoomRaccoon has integrated the DPO / PayGate payment solution that offer your guests to pay via EFT or 3D Secure by Credit Card.