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No more overbookings with Channel Management

What is a hotel Channel Manager?

What is a Channel Manager? Like the name suggests, a hotel Channel Manager manages all the booking channels of your hotel or B&B (like, Expedia and your own website).

Why is Channel Management important? A Channel Manager communicates your room availability and rates to all the  channels you're connected to, from one central system. With this, you don’t have to manually update all your connected channels or risk overbookings. So it saves you a lot of time and prevents double bookings!

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The advantages of hotel Channel Management software

A Channel Manager saves you a lot of time because room availability and prices are automatically adjusted. So, you don't have to log-in on all reservation websites and adjust room availability manually; a hotel Channel Manager regulates everything automatically.

This saves you a lot of time, but, more importantly, it avoids overbookings! Without a hotel Channel Manager you risk being overbooked, for instance when a reservation is made when you we're a sleep. 

By use of a hotel Channel Manager you can market your hotel more dominantly, because you can sell your rooms on as many booking channels as you want. 

Channel Manager & PMS

Do I need them both?

We think you do! A hotel Channel Manager helps you to communicate your availability and avoid double bookings this way. A hotel PMS helps you to organize everything that happens 'in-house'; for example: an overview of your bookings, guests checking in and out, and the preparation of invoices. A Channel Manager and PMS complement eah other perfectly.

'Oh right, this guest called to inform us he/she isn't coming anymore, I forgot to cancel his/her name from the agenda.' Does this sound familiar? Keeping track of your bookings is something you might do manually. Many independent hotels and B&Bs do this to save money. And let's be honest, if you only have a few rooms to offer, your budget is likely to be small. But the fact is that without a proper system, you are likely to make mistakes and encounter problems, which may cost you time and money. Moreover, you or your co-workers might work long hours every night to prepare invoices manually. In these times, you may have noticed that you spend a lot of time correcting mistakes. Also, it doesn't look professional when a guest watches you at the reception browse through a pile of handwritten papers full of notes that seem impossible to understand.

Let's put it this way: you don't know what you've been missing, until your hotel decides to use both a Channel Manager and a PMS.

Channel Manager

A Channel Managers collects the data of a reservation and communicates them to the PMS. When there's a new reservation, a Channel Manager makes sure that your new availability is updated immediately on all your connected channels.

With a Channel Manager, you can communicate price changes from one central system to all your connected booking channels and to your own website. Seasonal prices and last-minute discounts are some example of alteration you might want to undertake.

A Channel Manager collects the data of a reservation and communicates them to the PMS. When there's a new reservation, a Channel Manager makes sure that your new availability is updated immediately on all your connected channels.

Not all Channel Managers do this, but the RoomRaccoon Channel Manager lets the PMS know when there's a cancellation. The booking will be cancelled from your agenda right away, so that the room will be available again immediately on all your channels.


Part of the PMS is the agenda with all your reservations. Reservations are in RoomRaccoon colour-coded so you recognize the assigned status right away: booked, check-in, option, etc. Use the drag-and-drop function to easily move reservations from one room to another.

A PMS also calculates your invoices for you. RoomRaccoon takes your city tax into account (both a % and a fixed amount per person per night). Sold something extra such as a beer from the minibar? Then you can add this easily to the reservation.

A PMS helps you to remember the data of the guests as well as their preferences. Do you have corporate rate agreements with companies or loyal guests? Assign fixed prices to a guest account and RoomRaccoon will use this price in the reservation.

RoomRaccoon offers you many reports: Revenue, your occupancy rate, VAT, city tax, but also where your guests came from, which booking channels perform well and which up-sell articles are sold the most.

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