Property Management System

Front Desk System for the independent hotelier

Looking for a Property Management System? 

You're at the right address if you are looking for a user-friendly Property Management System (PMS) for your hotel! With RoomRaccoon’s PMS hotel, you'll see reservations in a clear overview, prepare invoices automatically, recognise guests’ preferences, and you'll maximise revenue. Curious?


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A Property Management System (PMS Hotel) helps you manage everything that is happening 'in-house'. It manages your guest history, shows you reports and you can check your guests in and out. Another important feature is the automatic invoicing; RoomRaccoon's Property Management System calculates invoices for you so that you can print or email them instantly to your guests.

As a small hotel owner, you already have enough to do. A Property Management System helps you save time because it prepares invoices automatically, and it prevents expensive mistakes due to the complete overview of reservations. 

But, that's not all: RoomRaccoon's Property Management System also offers you valuable information about your hotel or B&B; it calculates your occupancy rate, shows you which booking channels work well for you and what up-sell items generate the most extra profit.

RoomRaccoon is a web-based application and works entirely in the cloud. But what does this actually mean for you as a small hotelier? A lot!

Manage your front-desk from everywhere in the world, with as many people at the same time as you want. This comes in handy, when you are at home and your reception colleague needs your help with a check-out. Save expensive software and hardware investments as you do not need to install, download or buy anything. RoomRaccoon basically works just like a website. The only thing you need to run your front desk is: Internet and a Mac, PC or iPad.

A hotel PMS needs to be secured! Always remember: you are working with guest details.

Because RoomRaccoon in a cloud-system, it is much safer than any installed program on your computer. After all, a computer might get stolen or crash… RoomRaccoon is PCI-compliant which means that we are internationally certified to store and handle credit card details.



Summary... this is a PMS

The most important feature of a Property Management System (PMS hotel) is organising existing reservations in a clear overview. The second most important feature of Property Management System is preparing invoices automatically and electronically.

In fact, a Property Management System manages everything electronically. As a consequence, it gives important insights, such as your occupancy rate, the performance of different booking channels, and the origin of your guests.

In short, a Property Management System gives you a great overview, it saves you time and it avoids expensive mistakes.

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Drag & Drop Agenda


ou probably know that it’s important to keep a clear overview of the activities in your hotel. Do you still work with handwritten lists and agendas to keep that overview? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. A Property Management System is a user-friendly system that helps you organise all reservations. 

You might think: I like handwritten lists, because with those I can easily add comments. In RoomRaccoon’s Property Management System, you can also easily add comments. And those comments are immediately visible and linked to the reservation in the drop & drag agenda. With this, you do not have to browse through all other reservations to see the additional remarks.

Another excellent feature of the drag & drop agenda is that you can easily keep track on the guests who already checked in or checked out.


Forget about late-night shifts preparing invoices in Excel for the next morning! Preparing invoices could not be easier with RoomRaccoon’s software because it instantly calculates the invoice for you, with the correct VAT amount and add-ons prices. During check-out, you can print or email the invoice directly to your guest.

Do you sometimes want to save/email your invoice? RoomRaccoon stands for simplicity and makes this able with one click. We also create our invoices in PDF file. This is just to avoid difficulties because not everybody has the same version of Excel. This will save you a lot of time!


Managing reservations

Managing reservations... it doesn’t get easier than this. All your reservations (through booking channels or via your own website) are placed directly in your calendar. RoomRaccoon ensures that your availability is deducted from all of your connected channels without you having to do anything. 

When a person calls to make a reservation, you can easily check the room availability and assign a room to your new guest. When you placed the booking in the agenda, you can send a personalized confirmation email.

Does your guest have a specific preference (e.g. room with sea view)? You’ll see this special request when you assign a room to the guest. With this, you can easily make the right fit between a room and guest. 

Guests love to be remembered

Your strength as a small hotel or B&B is to know your guests' preferences, such as a gluten allergy, extra towel or VIP. Guests choose you because they are looking for personality. This strength cannot be peered up with by big hotels with large marketing budgets.

You probably know the preferences of some of your recurring guests, but do you remember all of them perfectly? And what about your colleagues? No worries, RoomRaccoon helps you remember! Enter certain preferences to the guest account and our PMS will remind you. During the check-in, you and your colleagues see the preferences and you can respond accordingly.


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Get to know your business...

Let RoomRaccoon do the work for you. Keep track of your occupancy, turnover and growth at all times. View daily reports, monthly reports or have a look at the entire year. Many small hotels and B&Bs have no idea what exactly their occupancy rate is. Keep in mind, however, that your occupancy rate is also a great way to determine the value of your business.

In addition, you get more insight into your strongest booking channels, which countries your guests come from and which up-selling extras are booked best. 

As a hotel management software system, we give you great insight in your day-to-day operations, including some financial insight, but we don't do fully financial reporting. Therefor you need specialized accounting software. Luckily for you, we can interact with most of them.



More than a PMS...

When welcoming a guest, you want the check-in procedure to go as smooth as possible. With RoomRaccoon you can do this with one simple click. Would you like to print a guest card or a personalised welcome letter? Add as many documents to a reservation as you wish and print or email these documents during the check-in. 

Are you required to charge city tax? RoomRaccoon does the calculation for you and adds automatically the correct city tax to the invoice. It does not matter if you are required to ask a fixed price per person per night or a % over the logies only. RoomRaccoon can handle both, so with our Property Management System you shouldn’t be worried about the city tax calculation anymore.  

Did you come up with great package deals? Then you might encounter the problem that the total price consists of parts with different VAT rates. No problem with RoomRaccoon. You can combine different package parts and RoomRaccoon helps you to specify the VAT rate accordingly. 

Do you want to know who checked-out a guest or accepted a payment? You can view this information at any time per day, month, year or any other period of time. The traditional night audit procedure is no longer necessary, RoomRaccoon tracks the information all by itself.

Would you like your guests to pay in advance via your Booking Engine? Sure! Choose which payment methods (EFT or credit card) you would like to accept and allow your guests to pay in advance. The booking will only be placed in RoomRaccoon's agenda and will be confirmed to the guest by the time the payment is made. 

Cancellation from an external booking channel? RoomRaccoon deletes the reservation right away from your agenda and confirms the cancellation to you and to the guest. No worries, the reservation is not entirely gone, you can see per day which reservations have been cancelled. The important thing, however, is that the room is immediately bookable again on all you booking channels as well as your own website. You do not need to do anything for this.

Business guests like to choose an independent hotel or B&B. Maybe you want to set up corporate rates for companies that book regularly or you want to reward loyal guests? In RoomRaccoon, you can set up specific prices or a discount percentage per guest or company. 

Offer your guests 'add-ons', such as a bottle of wine, box of chocolates or an extra bed to make their stay complete. In RoomRaccoon you can set up add-ons that are bookable by your guests in advance, and/or you can add the entire content of the mini-bar in RoomRacccoon so that your reception colleagues never forget to add the VAT-percentage of an extra charge again.

Another nice feature is that you can set up add-ons that are free of charge. Why don't you set up an add-on 'intolerant for glutes'?

Even though your hotel of B&B might be small, it comes in handy to have lists that you can give to your housekeepers. Which rooms need to be cleaned, which guests still need to check out and do you have stay-overs? 

In RoomRaccoon, you can set up an unlimited number of personalized documents that can be printed or send by e-mail. A good example would be a personalized guest registration card. Let RoomRaccoon fill in all the important data of the guest automatically so that you only need to ask for a signature. 

Do you regularly welcome business guests? Then you might be asked the following question: can you split the invoice? The company generally pays for the stay but not for extra consumed beverages. No problem at all. Just split the bill and let RoomRaccoon know which costs should be moved to a new invoice.

It is easy to add a group reservation to RoomRaccoon. With this, the invoice covers all rooms at once and your guests will receive a confirmation for all the rooms at once.

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