Get featured on hotel metasearch engines when travelers compare rates online

Advertise your hotel on popular hotel metasearch engines, which direct travelers to your website to book direct.

Control your bidding strategy and the commission you pay

Metasearch engines give you flexibility and control over the maximum price you are willing to pay to display your ad in the top position. If done right, you can get a significant ROI for less commission than you currently pay to OTAs.

Typical cost models for hotel metasearch engines include the following:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Impression (CPI)
  • Cost Per Action (CPA)
  • Pay Per Stay (PPS)

Advertise your property on hotel metasearch engines with RoomRaccoon.

Through RoomRaccoon, you can connect directly with Google Hotel Ads and Tripadvisor. We share the most up-to-date information on your inventory, rates, and availability and handle updates via real-time synchronization.

Send bookers directly to RoomRaccoon’s hotel booking engine

Metasearch engines for hotels provide searchers with your rates and availability and redirect them to your website to book if they are interested. 

This way, you can compete with major OTAs for direct bookings, upsell in-room extras and special packages, and create stronger brand awareness. Be sure to have a user-friendly booking engine ready to process bookings.

A high-performance booking engine can provide the following:

  • A seamless booking experience for guests.

  • An integrated payment solution that can securely process online payments
  • A Google Analytics integration to give you vital information on your online performance and monitor traffic from metasearch websites.

Grow your direct revenue

Travelers increasingly prefer to book direct. Now is the best time to take advantage of the direct booking option on metasearch engines to grow your direct revenue and take full ownership of the guest experience.

A few reasons to invest in direct hotel bookings:

  • Travelers know hotel websites have more relevant information than OTAs.
  • Travelers know hotel websites offer more flexible policies.
  • Rate disparity favors direct channels on hotel metasearch engines.
  • More domestic travelers do not need the extra services such as air travel provided by one-stop-shop OTAs.

FAQS: Metasearch Engines for Hotels

Hotel metasearch engines are platforms that send search queries to various sources they work with, such as hotel websites and OTAs. They pull the hotel’s availability, rates, and inventory (ARI) and organize them in a ranked list. This is also why they are suitably known as hotel aggregators. Two significant benefits of using a hotel metasearch engine are increased online presence and guest reach. Approximately 94% of travelers use a metasearch site to compare hotel rates. The other benefit is receiving your guest’s contact information directly, which doesn’t happen if a booking is made through an OTA.

Data shows that Google Hotel Ads (GHA) is the fastest growing hotel metasearch engine with an estimated market share between 64% and 80%. GHA is a popular platform among hotels and other accommodation properties due to its multiple bidding options: CPC, CPA, and PPS. 

We recommend implementing a Google Hotel Ads strategy to increase your revenue drastically. You can generate ¼ of your direct revenue through GHA if you list your hotel’s best available rates. 

RoomRaccoon users can benefit from hassle-free setup, bidding, and billing. We take care of the setup, and you will only be billed at the end of each month.

If you want to add metasearch engines to your hotel distribution strategy, there are a few things to consider, such as the cost models and connectivity options

Most hotel metasearch platforms only allow you to connect through a connectivity partner such as RoomRaccoon with native channel management software. This allows for complete automation of the retrieval and update process so that the metasearch engine always shows up-to-date information. 

See the infographic below for more information on the different metasearch engines for hotels: