The independent hotel management system that’s leveling the playing field

RoomRaccoon is a comprehensive cloud-based system for small to medium-sized independent hotels worldwide. We provide the hotel management software you need to “run with the big dogs”. 

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Grow your business with an independent hotel management system

RoomRaccoon is the all-in-one hotel management system for independent hotel owners and managers who want to increase operational efficiency, grow revenue, and provide better guest experiences.

You can say goodbye to costly and complex integrations with RoomRaccoon’s all-in-one platform that’s complete with a Property Management System (PMS), Channel Manager, Payments Solution, and built-in Booking Engine. Everything you need to compete in the competitive hospitality industry.

Property Management System

Manage your reservations from a calendar-view dashboard and quickly access a reservation with one click. You can save up to 4-hours weekly with front-desk automation and manage your back-office operations like housekeeping and payments on a real-time feed. 

The RoomRaccoon PMS boasts native tools like online check-in and automated upselling to give your property the ultimate edge. 

Channel Manager

Connect directly to unlimited online booking channels to boost visibility and sell more rooms. Our independent hotel management system with channel management software automatically distributes your availability and syncs your bookings within 5 seconds!

From online travel agencies to global distribution systems explore our extensive sales network and enjoy zero added commissions.

Booking Engine

Turn your website visitors into paid guests with our built-in booking engine and grow your direct revenue. Guests can book anytime from anywhere using any device and personalize their stay with bookable add-ons.

You can customize the layout and confirmation emails to match your branding and provide a seamless user experience from booking to arrival.


RoomRaccoon was founded by an independent hotel owner

The hotel industry is at the very heart of the RoomRaccoon story. 

Our Founder, Nadja Buckenberger, faced many challenges when she opened the doors of the Bliss Boutique Hotel in Breda in 2014. 

She couldn’t find a single affordable solution to manage all aspects of her property. That’s when she decided to join forces with her partner, tech entrepreneur Tymen van Dyl to create one that could. 

In 2016, Tymen began building software that would solve Nadja’s three central pain points by combining a Property Management System (PMS) with a channel manager and booking engine – a technological feat!

The software worked wonders for the Bliss Hotel and piqued the interest of other regional hotels. Soon, there was a great demand for this all-in-one solution!

We officially launched in January 2017, and six months later, we had over 100 hotels on board. 

Today, RoomRaccoon is the world’s most complete HMS for independent accommodations with 10 – 100 rooms.

More control over your business without third-party integrations

An independent hotel management system with all the goods under the hood.

Missing out on upsell opportunities?

Generate more revenue by upselling room upgrades and extra services to guests during online check-in and direct bookings.

Ready to make informed decisions?

Get an in-depth look at your business performance with real-time reports that show you data like the average length of stay and market segmentation.

Want to improve your team communication?

Empower your housekeeping team with the Housekeeper’s Web App, which lets them update room statuses and post comments on the go.

Struggling to price your rooms just right?

Sell your rooms for the best price in real-time with yield rules, and maintain the competitive advantage with a CompSet dashboard.

FAQs: Independent Hotels

RoomRaccoon set out to provide small and independent property owners with the tools to “run with the big dogs.” More specifically, our technology tackles the core limitations of any independent property, like poor online visibility, time-consuming front desk tasks, ineffective distribution, and guest dissatisfaction. RoomRaccoon’s all-in-one HMS comes fully integrated with a collection of proven tools, components, and systems that seamlessly work together. 

  • Cloud-based
  • Multi-user logins
  • Simplified front desk management
  • Booking site management and distribution
  • Direct booking processing
  • Advanced reporting
  • Guest communication 
  • Revenue management 
  • Automated payment processing


You will benefit from our 3-in-1 hotel management system no matter which RoomRaccoon package you choose. Higher tier packages include upgrades to customize your platform with more exciting native tools and features. Learn more about our pricing.