What to Expect When You’re Onboarding with RoomRaccoon

Our experienced Implementations Team will guide you every step of the way and take on the heavy lifting for you, ensuring that your transition to RoomRaccoon’s all-in-one hotel management software is seamless and stress-free.

A seamless onboarding

Get Acquainted with the System in Live Workshops

During a series of six sessions led by a dedicated RoomRaccoon onboarding specialist, you and your team will gain an in-depth understanding of the RoomRaccoon system. These sessions will cover everything from essential tips and tricks to laying a solid foundation for revenue optimization and streamlined hotel operations to delight guests.

  • Kick-off meeting

    A RoomRaccoon consultant will conduct a comprehensive review of your handover details and documents, setting the stage for a successful start to the Implementation Program.
  • Session 1: Accommodation Set-up

    During this session, we will assist you in the initial setup of your accommodation. You will learn to create categories for your rooms, define the different types of rooms available, set the appropriate rates, and configure essential rules such as login procedures.
  • Session 2: Channel Manager Set-up

    In the second onboarding session, we'll guide you through the Channel Manager Set-Up process to ensure a smooth and successful setup. During this session, we'll cover the following topics:

    Handling Add-Ons:

    You'll learn how to create and remove add-ons, customize them and set priorities.

    Understanding Package Deals:

    We'll explain how to create package deals and explain the available invoice options.

    Managing Prices and Restrictions:

    We'll guide you on how to manage prices and restrictions effectively.

  • Session 3: Importing Hotel Data into RoomRaccoon's HMS

    During this session, we'll cover the following:
    • Reservation methods
    • Manual data import (calendar use, reservation management, price adjustments, and extras)
    • Sheet-based imports (data formatting and help for Excel beginners)
    • Integration tips for Airbnb, Booking.com, and Expedia, along with a clear outline of transition expectations and deadlines.
  • Session 4: Booking Engine and Custom Document Setup

    1. Booking Engine:

    Personalize your booking engine with logos, fonts, and content for a unique guest experience.

    Booking Process:

    We’ll cover booker info, languages, booking conditions, city tax, add-ons, time limits, maximum stays, and arrival times.

    2. Setting up Documents
    3. Configuring Global Settings
    Company Details:

    Learn effective management of company information.

    Age Distinctions:

    Define adult age criteria.

    Reservation Handling:
    Optimize reservation management.
    Threshold Settings:

    Fine-tune threshold limits.

    Report Restrictions:

    Manage report access efficiently.

  • Session 5: ‘Go Live’ Preparation

    We'll focus on 'Go Live' preparations. We'll help you tackle any pending tasks to ensure a smooth transition. We'll also reserve time for an open Q&A session to address any questions you may have.
  • Session 6: You go live!

    In this session, we cover crucial final launch information. Then, we celebrate your achievement. Your hotel is now up and running with RoomRaccoon!

More Resources and Free Webinars

If you're eager to expand your knowledge or improve your team's effectiveness, we offer two dynamic learning sources:
  1. You can explore our training materials in the Help Center and,
  2.  Join our free monthly webinars hosted by our Training and Development specialist.

Level up your hotel-tech knowledge with Raccoon Training Tokens

Training tokens are awarded to you and your team as credits to use for custom system training and development. This can be used for online and in-person Masterclasses with our Training and Development Specialist. Tokens are valid for 12 months after the original purchase






Number of Tokens Allocated





In-person Masterclass Credit Cost (per 5-hour session)





Online System Training Credit Cost (per session)





+ Additional Training Tokens

You can purchase training tokens should you require personal training for an additional once-off price per training token. Alternatively, you may purchase tokens in bulk at a discount.

Need Assistance?
Contact Our Dedicated Customer Support Team

Should you face any challenges while still acquainting yourself with our system, we recommend referring to our Help Center for valuable guidance. If you require immediate assistance, you have options:

Phone Support

Premium or Enterprise users can directly reach our responsive team via phone for swift support.


Alternatively, you can submit a support ticket through the RoomRaccoon platform.