The only lodge management system that drives real results

Manage your lodge with the most efficient and user-friendly lodge management system.

One system. Many features.

RoomRaccoon is the most complete lodge management system for lodge owners and managers who are serious about increasing occupancy, boosting revenue, and providing a better guest experience. 

You profit from our award-winning cloud-native HMS platform that is complete with core systems like a booking engine, revenue management system, channel manager, and payments solution.


Sell your lodges at the right time and for the right rates with the Yield Manager

The RoomRaccoon Yield Manager empowers businesses to optimize prices and automate tasks to maximize yield.

Our yield management feature lets you build a smart lodge pricing strategy with yield rules and have complete control over how your prices adjust based on occupancy levels and changes in the market.

Lodge Management System: Top 5 Benefits

Rustic. Cozy. Natural. Lodge holidays are increasingly popular as travellers desire a countryside escape with many outdoor activities. A lodge management system can give you a significant competitive edge by improving efficiency and boosting marketing and exposure.