About RoomRaccoon

RoomRaccoon empowers independent hoteliers with an integrated platform to maximize revenue, control operations, and delight guests through process automation. Voted Best Hotel Management System by Hotel Tech Report in 2020 and 2021, RoomRaccoon offers innovative solutions to hoteliers worldwide. 

Our core product combines a hotel-first PMS, channel manager, booking engine, and a wide range of modules and upgrades for payments, housekeeping, reporting, and digital guest services. All of these features are seamlessly integrated, allowing hoteliers to manage their entire operation from a single platform.


Control your front and back-end operations from an intuitive, user-friendly interface and assign user roles & permissions. 

Channel Manager

Easily synchronize your availability in just 5 seconds and efficiently manage your rates across various booking channels. 

Booking Engine

Grow your direct bookings with our fully integrated booking engine that processes bookings on your website commission-free.


Centralize your payment management and collect payments at every stage of the guest journey with payment request links.