Increase visibility and occupancy with a channel manager for

The RoomRaccoon Channel Manager has a reliable two-way connection to with additional APIs for enhanced functionality. 


Manage your online listings from a central location

Are you tired of logging into multiple extranets? With our Channel Manager, you can manage your OTA listings from a single dashboard and free up your time to focus on other aspects of running your business! 


Sync your availability across all sales channels within 5 seconds

The RoomRaccoon Channel Manager communicates live rates and availability with the reservations calendar and other connected booking channels, including The powerful tool uses a pooled inventory model to update your availability in real-time whenever you receive a booking.


Overview of your booker and payment details

Here’s how we make it easy to manage your OTA payments.

  • Store virtual credit cards in the guest reservation
  • Automatically charge VCCs that are due
  • Pre-authorise credit cards within the reservation
  • Send payment requests

Make your best sales channel with RoomRaccoon is a powerful sales channel for hotels and other lodging properties. The OTA giant boasts 28 million properties across 207 countries. is also the biggest digital travel platform in Europe with a 67.7% market share and drives 50% of all European online hotel bookings. In 2019, announced over 3 billion guest arrivals across all property offerings since 2007. 

The best way to distribute your inventory and increase your online bookings is to use a channel manager like RoomRaccoon.


Content Management

Need to make quick changes to your listings? Update your property and room information in the Channel Manager

  • View the rate types mapped to the room category
  • Change the status of listings to open/bookable or closed/not bookable
  • Adjust room information and the amenities you attach to them
  • Adjust property information like property name, category, and contact persons
  • Add room photos


Guest Review Management

When responding to guest reviews, speed is key. You can improve your ‘Reply Score’ on by directly responding to verified guest reviews in the channel manager dashboard.


Exclusive Opportunities

The Opportunity Centre, is a handy tool highlighting three major areas of improvement to help boost your property’s performance: ranking, conversion and cancellations.

The suggestions could be as simple as adding high-resolution photos or offering a special rate for Genius bookers.

The Opportunities Centre is accessible directly on the RoomRaccoon platform. From there, it’s just a couple of clicks to implement each custom opportunity to boost the performance of your entire portfolio in a quick and scalable way. 


A channel manager is software that connects the property management system (PMS) you use to manage your rooms and prices with online platforms like

It lets you update your rates, availability and reservations on several platforms simultaneously. If you don’t have a PMS, hotel management systems like RoomRaccoon are all-in-one solutions and can provide you with one.

  1. Enhanced brand recognition and more repeat bookings
  2. Increased revenue coming from multiple sales channels
  3. Real-time, automatic channel updates 
  4. Less manual tasks and more time to focus on your distribution strategy
  5. Accurate inventory management results in zero overbookings
  6. Convert more direct bookings with the OTA Billboard Effect
  7. Transparency around booking data and channel performance
There are different pricing models. RoomRaccoon charges a flat monthly or annual subscription fee for using the entire system. You’ll know exactly how to budget since your software price will remain consistent bar yearly price increases. It also means you can connect as many channels and take as many bookings as possible without paying additional fees.