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Advanced Property Management

Manage A-Z of your operations from a single screen. From housekeeping to guest management, we automate recurring processes to save you valuable time.

Automated Channel Management

Connect directly to 100+ online booking channels, and reach millions of potential guests. Say goodbye to manual updates. We automatically keep your availability and booking up-to-date across all channels.

Commission-free booking engine

Start accepting bookings through your website within minutes. RoomRaccoon’s responsive hotel booking engine makes it easy for guests to book directly, using any device. Enjoy zero-added commissions!

Integrated Payment Platform

Make it easy, fast, and secure for your guests to pay at any point in the customer journey, online or at the front desk. Keep track of all transactions in one place, with an instant overview and a breakdown by day, month or year.

Hotel booking software preferred by hoteliers

Used by UK hotels with 10-100 rooms. RoomRaccoon has a package for big and small business needs.

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Why pay for separate software solutions when you can have a complete out-of-the-box solution ready to drive more bookings?

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 Avoid complex and expensive tech stacks

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Booking Software

All-in-one hotel booking software like RoomRaccoon has the essentials for running your property, including a PMS, booking engine, channel manager, revenue management system, and payments platform. This type of solution removes the need for additional integrations and implementations.


Hotels in the UK use hotel booking software to grow their direct bookings and automate their manual processes, saving valuable time and maintaining the same level of service with less staff. It helps them increase exposure and attract more guests, manage guest stays, increase revenue, and keep their availability up-to-date. 

  • Increase ADR
  • Grow occupancy
  • Save time and costs

All-in-one hotel management software like RoomRaccoon, is a fully integrated cloud-based platform that comes standard with a PMS, a channel manager, a booking engine, a payment platform and revenue management. You’ll also receive access to powerful integrated tools like automated upselling, advanced housekeeping, and competitor tracking. 

RoomRaccoon also offers an extensive marketplace with third-party integrations we already connect to.

Yes! Hotel booking software providers like RoomRaccoon have a user-friendly design that is simple to use and quick to train your staff. Our Help Centre is packed with how-to articles and faqs, and our implementation specialists help you migrate data from your current system during our dedicated onboarding program.

UK hotels are moving away from legacy technology with heavy servers that need to be installed on the property to modern hotel booking software such as RoomRaccoon, which operates on the cloud. This means that you only need an internet connection to operate and can monitor your business on the move from any device.