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RoomRaccoon has helped us to improve the operations with the simplicity of the operating system, giving me more time to focus on the hotel and the guest experience.



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Exceptional professionalism

"RoomRaccooon has transformed our booking management system overnight. The professionalism it allows us to deliver to our clients is exceptional."

Owner, Gleneagles Luxury Apartments
Makes life easier

"What is RoomRaccoon in one word……. BRILLIANT! It has made my life as a B&B owner so much easier"

Owner, 58 On Hume
User Friendly

"RoomRaccoon's best features are its user-friendliness, modernity, connection to our online payment system and other platforms, as well as the constant evolution and improvement."

Property owner, Mr. Kahawa Waterfront Suites
Effortless Channel Management

"RoomRacoon does a great job of managing all of my channels and giving me a real time information. I also like how I can send confirmations, charge credit cards and send folios from my phone."

Owner, Pioneer Inn

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  • “We love the upsell feature, which allows us to customise each guest’s experience. We also love the online check-in feature and RemoteLock integration, enabling a contactless check-in process.”

  • "Navigating support is effortless with the RoomRaccoon team. They are always there promptly assisting with any question. Exceptional customer service is key to our successful partnership."

  • “The convenience of online check-in, elimination of manual night audit tasks, streamlined channel management, and comprehensive all-in-one service are truly incredible.”


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Streamlined payments
Use secure payments that enable payment requests from popular payment platform integrations.
Exceptional features
Easy online check-in and upsell features that boost revenue.
Maximize revenue
Enjoy commission-free bookings with a smart website booking engine.
Simplified implementation
Our HMS interface is simple to work with and implement.
Automating manual tasks
Save valuable time by automating daily procedures.


1What is RoomRaccoon?
RoomRaccoon is a cloud-based hotel management software that aims to increase efficiency, grow hotel sales, and build stronger guest relationships in an all-in-one platform. Our all-in-one solution encompasses a booking engine, channel manager and property management system for your front and back-end operations in one platform. With our cloud-based software, you can generate more direct bookings and revenue while easing the burden of everyday operations, thanks to automation.
2How long has RoomRaccoon been around?
RoomRaccoon launched in January 2017.
3How many users does RoomRaccoon have?
RoomRaccoon has over 10 000 users globally across over 50 countries.
4Where can I find more RoomRaccoon reviews?
You can find more about RoomRaccoon’s hotel software review on Trustpilot, Capterra, Google Reviews and Hotel Tech Report.
5How much does RoomRaccoon cost?
Our pricing starts from $188 per month (entry package) to €494 (enterprise package). The price you’ll pay will mostly depend on your needs. Properties with 10 rooms will pay less than properties with 50 rooms, and it will be dependent on whether you’re opting for a monthly or annual subscription. RoomRaccoon offers a fixed monthly or annual fee.
6How do I choose the right hotel management software for my needs?
The right hotel management software will align with your business’s needs and come with many international connections, integrations, and solutions. Insist on a hotel management software that’s been reviewed by users, has a user-friendly design that’s not complicated, and has standard with bulk updating and automation features to save time and reduce mistakes.
7Who are the owners of RoomRaccoon?
RoomRaccoon was founded by Chief Product Officer (CPO) Nadja Buckenberger and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tymen van Dyl in 2017.
8Where is RoomRaccoon located?
Our headquarters is in Breda, Netherlands and our offices are in Valencia, Spain; Cape Town, South Africa; and Lisbon, Portugal.
9How many employees does RoomRaccoon have?
RoomRaccoon has over 100 team members in 11 countries across three continents: Africa, Europe and North America. We also have remote teams based in the US, Mexico, United Kingdom and Croatia.
10How does the support team function?
Our customer support team will assist you via online ticket and phone support in eight languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Croatian. If you’re a premium or enterprise user, you have access to weekend customer support. We’re dedicated to empowering you with a 24/7 Help Centre with a Knowledge Base that answers your questions about our functionalities and system.
11Should I compare hotel software by reviews?
Absolutely! It’s an excellent idea to compare hotel reservation software reviews against your business’s needs. Different hotel booking software will have different features and functions, so choosing the right one will depend on what your property requires to thrive. You should also compare the ease of use, implementation program, integrations, and customer support.