Maximize visibility by connecting to your favorite booking channels with a hotel channel manager

Reach thousands of new guests and fill your reservation calendar faster. Manage all your rates through a channel manager that synchronises across multiple channels in just 5 seconds.

Effortlessly Manage Your Hotel Distribution Channels and Drive Bookings with Our Advanced Channel Manager

Transform Your Hotel Business with Our Channel Manager: Boost Bookings, Save Time, and Drive Revenue

Our native channel management software communicates live rates and availability with the reservations calendar and all connected booking channels – uninterrupted. 

Manage your listings from a single dashboard and free up your time to focus on other aspects of running your business!

  • Easily distribute packages such as breakfast-inclusive rates.
  • Pooled inventory model to evenly distribute your Availability, Rates, and Inventory (ARI).
  • Special requests from OTAs are saved in the guest reservation.

Plug into 100+ powerful sales channels

Easily connect to various booking channels and start selling. Zero added commission! 

RoomRaccoon boasts one of the fastest hotel channel managers with a top speed of 5 seconds synchronization.


The Best Channel Manager for

We’re a trusted partner of To strengthen our connection to the OTA giant, we have built additional functionalities to give RoomRaccoon clients a true all-in-one experience.

Learn more about our integration!


Import VCCs directly into the guest reservation

Here’s how we make it easy to manage your OTA payments:

  • The channel manager imports and stores VCCs in the guest reservation. 
  • Charge the VCC when the card is active.
  • Pre-authorize credit cards.
  • Quickly send payment requests from the guest profile. 
  • The channel manager updates payment details when the reservation is modified or canceled.

Real-time market insights to outsell your competitors online.

Track and monitor your competition with RaccoonRev, and create pricing rules that automatically raise or lower your room rates at opportune times to win more business.

Save valuable time with RoomRaccoon’s hotel channel manager, that instantly updates your rates across selected sales channels such as and Expedia.