Stuck with an overly complicated and expensive tech stack, Edgartown Commons was on the hunt for a “one-stop vendor that is cloud-based and takes care of business while still being affordable for a small 30-unit property.” Enter RoomRaccoon - the solution that enabled General Manager Julia to save 7 hours a week and say goodbye to the time-intensive night audit. 

About Edgartown Commons

Edgartown, United States
30 Apartments
Vacation Apartments


Edgartown Commons is in the heart of historic downtown Edgartown and features a unique array of 30 vacation apartments on a charming campus of 6 historic buildings. Each rental unit features a fully equipped kitchen, with on-site laundry and free parking. 

The rich history of Edgartown Commons dates back to the early 1840s when the central building served as one of Edgartown's main schools. Edgartown Commons' General Manager, Julia Genatossio, enthusiastically welcomes families seeking seasonal vacations. The town's quaint shops, delicious restaurants, and inviting public beaches offer a delightful experience for all visitors.

Update rates and availability in seconds across every channel


Edgartown Commons’ previous channel management software was costly and demanded that the team manually update each channel separately, which was time-consuming. Due to their small team size, this task was particularly burdensome and consumed significant amounts of time.


RoomRaccoon’s channel manager has helped the staff at Edgartown Commons cut down on administrative time. By providing a centralized platform for managing multiple booking channels simultaneously, RoomRaccoon streamlines the process of updating rates, availability, and reservations across various channels.

This automation eliminates the need for manual updates, freeing up valuable time for the staff to focus on other important aspects of their operations.


Edgartown Commons saves 7 hours per week with RoomRaccoon’s channel manager, complete with two-way connections to local and international booking channels. 

“The convenience of online check-in, elimination of manual night audit tasks, streamlined channel management, and comprehensive all-in-one service are truly incredible.”

Seamlessly synced Booking Engine and Channel Manager


Edgartown Commons faced a significant challenge with their previous booking engine, as it was not integrated with their Channel Manager. This posed a risk of overbookings, as updates made on one channel were not automatically reflected on the other.


With the adoption of RoomRaccoon's fully integrated booking engine, this vulnerability has been effectively addressed. Now, all booking-related information is synchronized seamlessly between the booking engine and the channel manager in real time. 

In combination with the booking engine, Edgartown Commons leveraged RoomRaccoon's website builder with a range of pre-built templates to enhance the guest journey. By customizing a website template with user-friendly features, intuitive navigation, and call-to-action buttons, they have created a more engaging and seamless booking experience for their guests.


By using a single integrated platform, the staff at Edgartown Commons could rest easy knowing overbookings were a thing of the past.

Saying goodbye to the night audit


Edgartown Commons had a complex and costly system, with a fragmented tech stack. As a result, they were unable to utilize many of the functionalities and had to rely on manual processes, including the night audit with pen and paper.

Julia, who was managing all departments alone, had to fulfil multiple roles and required a simple and user-friendly solution.


RoomRaccoon’s property management system (PMS) makes night audits easy and automated! The system reconciles accounts, generates reports, and posts charges. 

Not only does this save them valuable time and effort previously spent on manual auditing tasks, but it also ensures greater accuracy and efficiency in their operations. 


Edgartown Commons now operates in a fully paperless environment, which has increased efficiency in areas such as the night audit.


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