Brewhalla's adoption of RoomRaccoon's HMS has yielded exceptional results, with 70% of bookings made directly, eliminating costly commission fees. Over half of guests opt for online check-in, streamlining their arrival experience. Additionally, their investment in RaccoonUpsell subscription has seen a remarkable 123% return, enhancing revenue and guest engagement.

About Brewhalla

Fargo, United States
40 rooms
Boutique Hotel

Brewhalla is a multi-functional establishment in the heart of Fargo, North Dakota, where hospitality meets brewing. It opened its doors in March 2023 and offers much more than just a place to stay. Brewhalla is a vibrant hub of local culture, creativity, and community connection. The establishment boasts a brewery, a market that showcases 14 local businesses, an expansive event center, and 40 thoughtfully designed rooms.

Hailey von Wald, the Supreme Experience Conductor at Brewhalla, needed a hotel management solution to automate their guest journey and add new revenue streams to bolster their bottom line. She found this and more in RoomRaccoon. 

Brewing Success with Automated Upselling


Brewhalla needed to address the formidable task of setting itself apart and crafting unforgettable experiences for each guest. Amidst a sea of competitors, Brewhalla rose to the challenge by offering a unique blend of amenities and local flavor. Their challenge – how to offer a variety of easily bookable add-ons for guests reserving a stay online.


Brewhalla has utilized our automated upselling tool, RaccoonUpsell, to offer add-ons to guests during the booking and online check-in process. This feature lets prospective guests easily personalize their experience before they arrive and enjoy an unforgettable stay. Brewhalla upsells room upgrades and add-on offerings from many local marketplace vendors that guests can have waiting for them. Some add-ons include 4-packs of craft beer, DIY crafts, plants, and eucalyptus shower steamers, giving their guests countless ways to elevate and customize their experiences.


123% Return on Investment with RaccoonUpsell

“We love the upsell feature, which allows us to customise each guest’s experience. We also love the online check-in feature and RemoteLock integration, enabling a contactless check-in process.”

Unlocking Adventures with Online Check-In


Brewhalla doesn't have a traditional front desk. Instead, guests check in at the bar on the main floor of Drekker Brewing Co. Hailey sought a solution that would uphold Brewhalla’s commitment to service excellence while embracing the demands of contactless hospitality. She sought a check-in software that could integrate with RemoteLock, a secure digital platform, ensuring a smooth transition from arrival to relaxation. 


Guests can avoid traditional arrival queues with RoomRaccoon’s online check-in, allowing Hailey and her team to focus on what they do best: serving up refreshing libations and fostering a vibrant atmosphere. RoomRaccoon’s seamless integration with Remotelock ensures every guest receives a personalized access code, eliminating the need for traditional key cards. This innovative approach not only enhances efficiency but also elevates the guest experience, providing a hassle-free transition into relaxation and enjoyment from the moment they arrive.


Over 50% of guests check-in online, saving staff countless hours.

Crafted Customization and Integration


With a focus on enhancing their hotel website booking engine and online payment processing capabilities, Hailey was determined to find a solution that would elevate the guest experience from start to finish. The vision was clear: a user-friendly booking engine that not only showcased their extensive array of add-ons but also made the reservation and payment process a breeze for guests. 


Brewhalla made a strategic choice by selecting RoomRaccoon's HMS, recognizing the unparalleled benefits it brings to their property operations. With its fully customizable booking engine and seamless payment processing integration, our HMS empowers Hailey and her team to maximize direct bookings and save substantially on commissions. RaccoonPay's seamless integration within the booking engine enhances user experience and fortifies online security measures, mitigating the risk of chargebacks—a significant concern within the hotel industry.


70% Direct bookings with 0 commission. Plus 97% of payments are processed by RaccoonPay with 0 chargebacks.


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