Cape Vue Country House improved its booking system with RoomRaccoon’s Property Management System. This allows for automated booking confirmations, online check-in/out, and communication emails. More than 50% of guests use online check-in, saving time and reducing manual check-ins. By displaying multiple OTAs, the hotel has seen a 42% increase in occupancy.

About Cape Vue Country House

Franschhoek, South Africa
6 rooms
Boutique Country House

Experience the stunning Cape Vue Country House in Franschhoek, Cape Town. A visionary team has transformed the hotel into a sustainable luxury retreat, incorporating innovative features such as water-heated towel rails and solar-powered geysers. The hotel has six bedrooms and is expanding to include four additional cottages, providing a unique experience for all visitors. Recently renovated, Cape Vue Country House has a distinctive character that appeals to travellers seeking authentic experiences.

The hotel is a perfect getaway for local and international guests responding to the changing travel trends. Cape Vue Country House boasts an exceptional boutique vineyard where guests can sample and purchase genuine South African wines.

50% of guests use online check-in


When working with a previous service provider, Cape Vue Country House faced an issue — the provider only offered a booking engine, payment gateway, and channel manager but no communication tools for guest interaction. As a result, guests had to manually check-in and communicate with Cape Vue Country House staff through face-to-face conversations, lengthy email threads, or phone calls. This approach made it difficult to manage the increasing number of reservations and respond to welcome emails while also managing other operational tasks necessary for the boutique hotel’s smooth operation.


Cape Vue partnered with RoomRaccoon, which offered a comprehensive Property Management System (PMS) with advanced features. With RoomRaccoon’s PMS module, Cape Vue could automate booking confirmations, online check-in and check-out procedures, and other communication emails, streamlining their operations. Cape Vue had more time to focus on their guests’ experiences by spending less time on admin.


Thanks to the partnership, over 50% of Cape Vue’s guests now use the online check-in system, saving time by reducing the need for manual check-ins.

63% RevPAR increase (2021-2022)


Cape Vue Country House enjoys a prime location in one of Cape Town’s most sought-after tourist destinations, Franschhoek. Many of their competitors require a minimum two-night stay to cover operational costs and allow enough time for guest turnover. However, Cape Vue Country House saw an opportunity to stand out, especially during winter when travelers may only want a single-night stay. The challenge was incurring operational costs for preparing a room for just one night. Nevertheless, Cape Vue Country House was determined to maintain its market share and improve revenue while providing excellent service to its guests.


Cape Vue Country House implemented an innovative rate plan using RoomRaccoon’s Channel Manager module. This allowed them to employ stop-sell and seasonal rate strategies, which increased revenue without sacrificing guests looking for single-night stays. Using the platform, they quickly configured a rate plan rule that accounted for the operational costs of accommodating one-night guests. By offering this flexibility, Cape Vue Country House attracted a significant share of business from guests seeking single-night stays, setting themselves apart from competitors.


By capturing a broader market share, Cape Vue managed to increase its revenue by 63%.

42% Occupancy increase (2021-2022)


Cape Vue Country House wished to tackle the challenge of increasing the yearly occupancy rate in their establishment. Despite its exceptional amenities and stunning surroundings, the hotel struggled to consistently fill its rooms throughout the year. Despite the increased exposure of the hotel on multiple OTAs, managing and updating their rates on multiple platforms required significant time and effort. Cape Vue was aware that to thrive in the competitive market, they needed to reach a wider audience of potential guests. However, managing multiple OTAs and keeping room availability updated across them was a time-consuming and challenging task.


Cape Vue Country House decided to leverage RoomRaccoon’s Channel Manager. By connecting their property management system to RoomRaccoon, they gained the ability to list their hotel on a broader range of OTAs and booking platforms. This integration allowed Cape Vue to effortlessly manage their room availability, rates, and reservations across all connected channels from a single, centralised platform. They were able to tap into the vast and diverse online travel market, including well-known OTAs like, Expedia, Airbnb, and more. Moreover, RoomRaccoon’s Channel Manager offered fast synchronisation, ensuring that room availability was always up-to-date across all platforms, reducing the risk of overbooking and underutilisation of rooms.


By displaying their hotel across a wider array of OTAs, Cape Vue was able to reach a larger and more diverse audience of potential guests. This increase in visibility contributed to a 42% rise in occupancy, filling rooms that would have otherwise remained vacant.

“With RoomRaccoon, the whole team has the opportunity to log in and use it for their work. I oversee everything, in terms of operations. I use most of the functionality. We have someone who manages front-desk admin and reservations.”


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