Discover how L’Enclume boosted their direct bookings, ROI, Occupancy and RevPAR with RoomRaccoon’s Hotel Management Software. With an incredible 571% increase in ROI from automated upselling to a 12% increase in RevPAR, L’Enclume is showcasing exactly how a PMS can take your hotel to the next level.

About L'Enclume

Cartmel, Cumbria, UK
16 rooms
Boutique Hotel

L’Enclume House is located in the picture-perfect village of Cartmel in England. This charming property houses two incredible restaurants, L'Enclume, a 3 Michelin-star restaurant and Rogan & Co, a 1 Michelin-star restaurant, run by Simon Rogan and Penny Tapsell.  The rooms are bookable through its website and boast 100% direct bookings due to its stellar reputation and its one-of-a-kind offering. Their restaurants work on a farm-to-fork approach cooking with their home-grown vegetables and planning dishes to complement seasonality. 

L’Enclume rooms are peppered around Cartmel, all of which are within convenient walking distance. Each room is designed for comfort and is unique in character, retaining references to the historic surroundings, and spotlighting local craftsmanship. Discover a world where prestige meets personalised luxury at L’Enclume, ensuring an unforgettable culinary experience to complement your stay.

Boosting Revenue with Automated Upselling


L’Enclume previously used a white-label booking engine as a stand-alone software. Although their old booking engine solution offered upsell functionality, the options were limited. Their previous solution was also difficult to set up and not user-friendly.


RoomRaccoon’s fully integrated booking engine offered L’Enclume feature variety and ease of use. With their personalised booking engine, L’Enclume was able to capture and process reservations – immediately synched to RoomRaccoon’s Hotel Management System. 

To enhance their guest journey even further, L’Enclume enabled RaccoonUpsell, our automated upselling service. Since RaccoonUpsell is connected with L’Enclume’s booking engine, prospective guests could easily purchase add-ons while booking and during online check-in. This boosted ancillary revenue, offering guests bespoke experiences and maximising TrevPAR (Total Revenue Per Available Room).


571% ROI on RaccoonUpsell subscription.

“Using yield management has helped us boost our occupancy during slow seasons. It's made managing our rates more efficient and easier, and you can see the positive impact in our RevPAR.”

Streamlined Operations with All-in-one Automation


Before RoomRaccoon, L’Enclume was using a fragmented tech stack for their hotel management rather than an all-in-one software solution. The tech stack they were using resulted in duplicated work where employees had to manually update rates on different platforms. Using manual rates processes leaves room for errors and takes up the valuable time of hoteliers – this can cost a hotel not only time but money.


In order to simplify rates and room management, L’Enclume used RoomRaccoon’s all-in-one hotel management system. With RoomRaccoon’s yield manager, L’Enclume could easily shape its pricing strategy through the dynamic adjustment of room rates. 

RoomRaccoon’s integrated revenue management considers factors such as time periods, room prices, competitor offerings, and availability, all working to maximise L’Enclume’s RevPAR. The dynamic nature of the room rates also worked to boost occupancy in off-seasons and shoulder-seasons.


L’Enclume’s occupancy grew by 30% and RevPAR increased 12% year over year.

Enhanced Booking Experience Driving Direct Bookings


L’Enclume is no stranger to a multitude of direct bookings, with their consistently exceptional direct booking performance. However, the customer journey website users would follow was outdated and could be improved upon. As a prestigious hotel, L’Enclume needed its booking journey to be easy to use and optimal for the guest experience.


To enhance the guest experience, L’Enclume revamped its digital customer journey. By implementing a new website flow leading to the booking engine, the hotel saw an increase in direct reservations and a boost in online booking conversion rate. Additionally, the introduction of online check-in further improved the overall booking experience for guests.


62% of L’Enclume’s bookings sourced from the RoomRaccoon Booking Engine.


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